Moleiro da Costa Má

Sever do Vouga


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Moleiro da Costa grows through the valley of the Rio Mau, from witch results the abundance of water, with exuberant vegetation and a soil with agricultural proprieties. Place of mills (the miller's farm) to enhance life. Side by side with the earth, thought, art (life), towards a construction of human sensitivity.
Place of sensitivity build upon a thought of the about-to-come.
A place of freedom, of being, of human act, of thinking...

Place for construction of life, way of shaping life in the complexity of existence.
Moleiro da Costa Má is a space aware of the sense of being, where a whole perspective of life exists, the balance of Man and Environment.
In this context, the accommodation (agritourism) reflects the activities on the farm - agricultural, artistic, therapeutic - in an integrated ecological perspective.
The accommodation in individual and independent houses, built in stone masonry, provides complete comfort within the context of the farm.